About Us

Who we are ?


 Our story started in 2013 when smart technology began to spread in the Arab region for that on 2017 we establish our new organization in Lebanon to provide smart services that suitable for valued customers 

We are one provider, we partner with many types of businesses in the Lebanon. Our dedicated staff loves seeing our clients succeed. Your success is our success, and as you grow, we grow

Our Vision


To be the leader in providing smart services in accordance with the best international standards to preserve the rights and interests of our valued customers and to provide the quality of service they deserve at the right prices

Save time and money by working with a smart technology system that will help and support your need any where and every where with full knowledge to tackle business challenges.

Our Goals


  1. Providing world-class services and performance enhancement.
  2. Invest in developing and improving services for individuals and companies
  3. Providing more services and solutions to our customers
  4. Applying the best methods for digital servers to customers using smart technology
  5. Expanding the provision of other services

Our Activities

Home Services


Dale3 Baytak | دلــع بيتــك

Caffe Shop


Coming Soon !!!

E-Commerce Services


Coming Soon !!!

Food Services and Delivery


Dale3 Jo3ak | دلــع جوعــك 

Import and Export


Coming Soon !!!

Maintenance and Operation


Coming Soon !!!

Contact Us

24 Hour Emergency Service Available - Coming Soon

For emergency service, please contact us at your convenience.  We look forward to serving you.

Lebanon, Beqaa, Taanayel

+96181246419 +9618546606 +9618513205

Where we can Serve You ?

We Serve Lebanon

From North to South & From West to East

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